RW SGC Gauvain d'Arioska                                           DOB: 5/27/2011


G was one of my main boys and passed on his phenomenal looks to his offspring.  That includes his daughter, Selena. He can be found behind our own Adalind & Marie.


In addition to his great looks and temperament, he is PKD1 Negative, PK Def Negative and he has screened Clear for HCM at all 5 of his cardiac checks.  His numbers have remained almost unchanged.  


He is retired but lives locally and his family joins us for regular screenings. 

Veksha-Timange Fialka                                                 DOB: 7/9/2006


Veksha was one of my first breeding females.  She is the mom to another great retiree, Juliet. This means she is behind Adalind & Marie.  


Veksha is now 12 years old and still alive and healthy and living in California. Veksha's line through Juliet has consistently been some of the healthiest and lowest allergen.  She was a big asset to Prekrasne and now a happy retiree.

RW QGC Amaranth of Prekrasne                                       DOB: 2/22/12


Amaranth is a big, pale silver male from interesting lines.  I was thrilled to have this boy bring in some great new genetics to Prekrasne.  


He also was PKD1 and PK Def negative by DNA and also PKD negative by ultrasound and screened HCM normal multiple times before retiring.

Mumbai Moj Skarbie                                                  DOB: 10/3/07


Mumbles, as he is affectionately known, joined me from Poland in my first year of breeding.  He didn't have the best type, but he had an amazing pedigree.  His father, Eny od Krolowych, is still on the most beautiful Siberians I've seen.  His mom was the daughter of Maxim Valenvic.  He is still siring kittens to this day at 16 years old. Some great old, healthy lines. 


He lives in Colorado now along with his 7-year-old granddaughter.


Prekrasne Juliet Capulet                                                 DOB: 8/24/08


Juliet is the daughter of Veksha & Mumbles and inherited their green eyes, blue color, good health, and great boning.  Juliet is also PKD negative, PK Def negative, and screened Normal for HCM in '09,  '10, '12, and '13.  


She is the mom of Selena (below) and grandmother to Adalind and Baby (below)

Prekrasne Selena Kyle                                               DOB: 5/8/12


Selena is the best of both of her parents - Gauvain & Juliet.  She inherited her father's stunning looks and her mom's super maternal instincts.  She is also super healthy, PKD1 negative by both DNA and ultrasound, PK Def negative by DNA, and screened negative for HCM several times.  Diana, her owner now that she's retired, continues to attend our local clinics so we can continue to screen her as she matures.

RW GC Miloslav iz Tsarstva Zimy                               DOB: 3/16/16


Milo is a recent retiree.  I joke that he bred himself out of a job.  He is father to Ruby, Lilith, and Marie.  


He is negative for PKD & PK Def and he was screened normal for HCM shortly before retiring.  His owners will continue to keep him screened for us through his retirement.

Phoenix, Arizona

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