Rescue Kitties

I have several mature kitties that will be available soon.  These cats were part of a large scale rescue in Arizona.  The owner passed away and the cats, most of which were pedigreed,  were left in the house for months with little human contact and in extremely overcrowded conditions.  The primary rescue involved was overwhelmed given the large number of cats so I stepped in and took in as many as I could handle.  As I've been getting them examined by my vet and treated for what can be treated, they will be made available for adoption.  

These cats are Siberians and 1 Maine Coon although breed has been established by knowledge of the owner's cats and the breeders, there is no registrations available. Most range from apx 8-12 years old.  Most have some dental disease which may need to be addressed at some point.  All of them had ear mites, but have been treated with Revolution.

***I will not ship.  Looking for homes in Arizona or California or New Mexico within driving distance.  These kitties have had enough trauma and I will not have them get on a plane.

Contact me at  Tell me about yourself, your household, and other pets and where you are located.


Must be 100% indoor homes, no declawing.  Their prior home had no dogs, so I am unsure how they would get along with dogs.  The prior home did not have any children either, so preferably no homes with small children.  


Solid black female

Estimated Age: 5 years

Original Breeder: Uknown

Ebony is a gorgeous, large spayed female.  The first thing I thought of when I saw her was "She could be one of mine from my old solid black line, but I only had males."  While she could easily be from my old breeding partner, we've been unable to confirm since the microchip is unregistered. 

She is a bit scared, but very affectionate.  Once she got settled a bit she purred and laid on my lap for snuggles.

She is FELV/FIV negative and is current on his FVRCP & Rabies vaccines.

Adoption Fee $175

Phoenix, Arizona

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