Phoenix, Arizona

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Prekrasne's Process

Step 1: Kittens are made available. You complete our REQUIRED Kitten Match form.  This form is mandatory and must be completed. (the form will only be available when we have kittens available).  The kittens made available will be determined by Prekrasne.  I retain first choice(s) followed by any show/breeding homes and returning families. Then any remaining kittens will be made available.
Step 2: If Prekrasne has any follow up questions, please respond as these are used to determine qualification and the best fit for our kittens and potential families. Wait to see if approved. You are not approved until notified of approval.  We reserve the right to decline for any reason. 

Step 3: We will process applications on a first come; first served basis of the approved applications and match up our kittens based on request and our knowledge of the kittens' personalities and the needs of the future families.

Step 4: Reserve your kitten.  Pay 50% Holding Fee to Reserve.  
Step 5: Receive & sign the electronic Purchase Agreement. Final payments made in person at pick up must be in CASH ONLY.  Final payments made in other forms must be made no later than when the kittens are 12 weeks and may be made by check, money, order, or Zelle Pay. 
Step 6: Kittens go home around 14-16 weeks.