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Blue classic tabby Siberian Cat

Founder/Admin - Siberian Cat Health Group

TICA Breeding & Show Mentor

Founder & President - Cactus Cats Cat Club

Designed an interactive tutorial on the Siberian for new TICA exhibitors or breeders.

designed & copyrighted by Sue Case of Prekrasne

My Story


Prekrasne began in 2006, but my interest in Siberian Cats happened almost entirely by accident in 2005.


I already had a Ragdoll and was interested in showing, but Seamus was mismarked.  So, I was considering getting a show quality Ragdoll.  However, one day I was searching online for information on my dog.  Kody is an American Eskimo Dog and information came up about Siberian Huskies during that search.  I kept scrolling through information and suddenly I saw a site for Siberian Cats.  I had no idea about them, but I thought they were beautiful and everything about them fit what I wanted.  I began searching for a Siberian Cat and found myself hitting a wall.  I emailed nearly every breeder in North America and received about 3 responses.  It was very discouraging.  I decided then and there that I would be a breeder and make every effort to do things the right way - for people getting a kitten and for the breed.


If you're looking to just make a purchase, I may not be the right breeder for you.  If you don't mind joining a big group of passionate pet owners and their slightly goofy leader, you're in the right place.


When looking for a Siberian Cat breeder you often come across people who work with many breeds and many types of animals.  While that's great, I have dedicated myself solely to the Siberian Cat since 2006. In the years since I started the "Prekrasne Adventure", I've spent hundreds of hours pouring over pedigrees and databases to research the breed.  This has enabled me to find the best combination of looks, personality, health, and genetic diversity.  I am dedicated to keeping this breed as strong and sound as it was back in their native Russia.As part of this commitment, I bring in new, less used breeding lines rather than resorting to inbreeding/line-breeding.  This is a large financial commitment, but well worth it.  I believe you can use diverse lines without sacrificing the strong, Siberian conformation and temperament.  

Health & Temperament

My belief is that while beauty is important, it's nothing without health and temperament.  As part of this commitment to ensuring their health, I screen my breeding cats for HCM every year. Most have many generations of HCM normal/healthy cats.  I go to a board-certified veterinary cardiologist for all our screenings.  I am thrilled to have access to 3 top veterinary cardiologists: Dr. Orvalho, Dr. Miller, and Dr. Paige although this requires a 5-6 hr drive each way. We know that even with our first commitment to screening and health testing, there is still no way to guarantee HCM will not develop but we are dedicated to reducing the risks of this happening. All my breeding cats are tested via DNA through UC Davis for PKD1 and PK Def. 


In addition, I am proud to be the founder of a health database to support North American Siberian breeders.  Breeders submit the results of their HCM screenings and DNA results for PKD and PK Def. This way breeders can access information on Siberians used in breeding.   I designed this to help breeders make educated breeding decisions. This database is in its early stages and I hope it will continue to grow. 

Note: One thing I won't do is tell you that a Siberian from me will not have any health problems during its lifetime.  No breeder can do this. What I can tell you is that I make every effort to ensure my cats are screened for genetic illnesses, receive excellent vet care, are fed a high-quality diet, and I do what I can to minimize risks in the event we have cats that develop or produce health issues. 


What I can also do is also tell you that I am here for support and I will honor my health guarantee which lays out the conditions of replacement, etc.  Keep in mind, if people make claims about their Siberians (or any breed) that seems too good to be true, it probably is. Remember, cats are living creatures and like all living creatures, things can go wrong and they can get sick.  It's just how life works just as it does with people. 


Showing cats may not be for everyone. But when it comes to pedigreed cats it shows commitment to the advancement of the breed and preservation of their conformation to the breed standard.  This ensures that the Siberian continues to look Siberian. Showing means investing a great deal of time and money. It also means being willing to hear criticism of your cats to improve your breeding program. It means socializing and handling your cats. It means having cats that are ambassadors of their breed. It means both learning more about the breed and also educating others.

It is great that breeders have cats from "World Champion lines," but in reality, this means very little. It takes dedication to go out and have your cats judged and earn their Supreme Grand Champion or Grand Champion. It is important for breeders to know their breed standard and strive to meet it. 

At Prekrasne we have invested in showing and in working with others who do as well. I have had the good fortune to earn CFA Grands and TICA Supremes. I have also produced many more Regional Winners and even an International Winner. We do not believe it is necessary to choose between health and looks. 


I recently founded and am President of a new TICA cat show club called Cactus Cats Cat Club.  We held our first show on October 20, 2018.

Phoenix, Arizona

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